Have you seen a performance at Opera Chaotique?

Opera Chaotique has been impressing audiences in the opera world since their inaugural production in 2016. Focusing on avant-garde spectacle and surreal experience, this innovative company is transforming the traditional opera experience into something extraordinary. Generating buzz among opera fans around the world, Opera Chaotique’s spectacular performances consist of an original blend of music, theatre, […]

Imbued with incredibly creative musicality and impressively ingenious storytelling, Opera Chaotique’s live performances

Opera Chaotique, the inventive musical and storytelling team, has thrilled live audiences from coast-to-coast with their creative and unique combination of opera and improvisational comedy. The duo, which consists of mezzo-soprano singer Lillian Prime and accomplished pianist Arnold Blackwell, have used their considerable talents to craft a series of live performances unlike anything else you […]

Listen to Death of the Phantom of the Opera

It has been said that music packs a powerful punch. That power is evident in one of the most stirring pieces of theater to grace the stage – The Phantom of the Opera. The story and emotions are felt through the dramatic music and heartbreaking lyrics of the iconic song “The Music of the Night”. […]

Enjoy Opera Chaotique’s unique crossover cabaret show

Opera Chaotique’s unique crossover cabaret show is an experience like no other. Combining elements of opera, musical theatre, classical music and more, it truly stands out as an event like no other. The show, which has become a staple of the opera scene in recent years, features some of the best singers and musicians in […]

Opera Chaotique’s music cauldron contains all kinds of ingredients: arias and African vibes, jazz riffs and punk growls

Opera Chaotique is redefining the boundaries of opera by blending diverse musical genres into a unique and compelling sound. Their latest album, entitled “Music Cauldron”, exemplifies their signature style – an eclectic mix of traditional opera arias and African vibes, jazz riffs and punk growls. The opening aria from “Music Cauldron”, entitled “Noise Beyond Limits”, […]