Imbued with incredibly creative musicality and impressively ingenious storytelling, Opera Chaotique’s live performances

Opera Chaotique, the inventive musical and storytelling team, has thrilled live audiences from coast-to-coast with their creative and unique combination of opera and improvisational comedy. The duo, which consists of mezzo-soprano singer Lillian Prime and accomplished pianist Arnold Blackwell, have used their considerable talents to craft a series of live performances unlike anything else you can experience.

The duo’s musicality is nothing short of stunning. As the two sing operatic arias to soundtracks of riotous audience laughter, the pair manages to capture a range of emotions—from pure pleasure to deep sorrow—by expertly blending classic vocal techniques with modern improvisation.

Arnold’s piano playing is equally spectacular. From lightning-fast riffs on popular tunes to tender reflections on classical masterworks, Arnold is a master at the keyboard. His ability to fit the character and tone of each song is remarkable, often creating harmony between Lillian’s vocalizations and his own accompaniment.

It’s not just the music that captivates audiences; it’s also the incredible stories that Lillian and Arnold tell through their voice acting. As Lillian takes on different roles as a female lead or a chorus member, Arnold provides flamboyant comedic relief by taking on characters of his own making. It’s truly one-of-a-kind theatre!

Opera Chaotique’s live performances are not to be missed! Their creative take on opera combined with their off-the-cuff comedy make for an evening like no other. From mezzo-sopranos to madcap comedians, these artists bring joy to any audience lucky enough to enjoy their show.

Named “the new innovators of vaudeville-inspired theatricality” (San Francisco Chronicle), Opera Chaotique has become renowned around the world for its unique and thrilling live performances. The award-winning opera company combines innovative musicality, impressive storytelling and extravagant visuals to create a thrilling and unforgettable experience for audiences.

Opera Chaotique’s productions are renowned for their lavish sets, expressive singing, and visually striking costumes. Led by internationally acclaimed director Mark Bluher, the opera house combines opera’s classic formats with modern theatricality to create a truly revolutionary experience. The use of cutting-edge digital technology enhances the music, creating vivid 3D scenes that meld classical scores with space age imagery.

The performers of Opera Chaotique are equally as remarkable; each show features acclaimed singers, renowned instrumentalists, and talented dancers who bring the stories to life in an incredibly creative and emotive manner. The members of Orchestra Chaotique have earned countless awards for their powerful performances and their masterful ability to combine intricate melodies and subtle nuances with the hum of a live orchestra.

Whether they’re performing beloved baroque operas or daring contemporary works, all productions feature stunning visuals and innovative storytelling that imbues each piece with new life. At an Opera Chaotique performance, expect to be transported into an imaginative world where fantasy, passion and drama have come alive on stage.