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Monday, 18 May 2015 02:00

NEW ALBUM OUT: Poems of a dirty old man Featured

Our second album "Bukowski: Poems of a Dirty Old Man" is finally out and about!

Inspired by the work of Charles Bukowski and featuring Blues legend Louisiana Red and The Tiger Lillies eccentric frontman Martyn Jacques.

Check it out, download it for free & watch our music videos:

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And the moon is dizzy and the stars are drunk, the piano is made of wine & we've got broken drums.

Charles Bukowski died 20 years ago in 1994. A romantic, a pervert, a drunk, a dreamer. A dirty old man. His amazing and totally unique universe literally sucked us in and we ended up buried under tons of his poems, short stories, notes.... The first thing we ever did as a band was choosing five of his poems and setting them to music. We recorded them in the summer of 2011, before the recording of our debut album “Death of The Phantom of The Opera” and kept them safe along with a bottle of cheap red wine, the kind that Bukowski would have liked.

And while we kept them there we were adding finishing touches: We asked Mr Louisiana Red to play something for us, he did it with a smile on his face at the age of 79 and we thank him wherever he is – RIP Mr. Red we hope you're in some kind of paradise with lots of guitars. We asked one of our favourite artists Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies to sing in “Genius of the Crowd” and recite some interludes of Hank's own words. We think he accepted. We are proud. And for our song “We Will Taste the Islands and The Sea” we got the most precious gift from soprano Nikoleta Kape : her thrilling voice. And thus, three years after it's initial recording we finally feel it's time to set this album free!

We call ourselves the alchemists of surreal cabaret, haunted by the weird and the damned: Tom Waits and Kurt Weil, Modigliani and Marquis de Sade, Spike Jones, Puccini…

We've got a rusted microphone & weird old drums, a drinking piano and crazy minds. We have devoted friends and lifetime music partners and we now have a second album!! We hope that some night soon we'll get the chance to perform these songs for you live, in a club, a theatre or even the back yard of your own house. We travel a lot, we play everywhere, we sing for love, for life, for enough to pay the rent, for scrambled eggs and bacon, for women, for art, for BUKOWSKI.

Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer


Opera Chaotique


The album also features Stavros Parginos at Cello, Lito Messini, Eleni Sotiriou & Lefteris Charellis at vocals.

Mixed @ Aeolia Studios by Theodore Manolidis.

Album cover and artwork by TheSkyEtc.



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