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Very proud to be featured in Uk's iconic Bizarre magazine.

Our Bukowski album made it to the top of the "Hear Them Out" list in Ticket - and that's Austria's #1 events magazine.


All the way from far away Mexico a great review for our second album, "Bukowski: Poems of a Dirty Old Man".

Gracias La Liga !



"A musical experience entirely unique, deep and well made".
Thus spoke New Orleans' Where Y'At Magazine of our debut album "Death of the Phantom of the Opera".


Gothic Magazine reviews our debut album and calls our Love Song "one of the most beautiful songs of our time".


"Jazz, opera, alt rock, African music and cabaret collide in this offbeat act from Tenorman and Voodoo Drummer also including elements of theatre, storytelling and improvisation."

Why, thank you Time Out London .


"A novel jazz-opera experience" - No wonder we looooooove Berlin.


"We are proud to present something actually original"

Gracias BCN MES !

We are really happy to be included in the new SONIC SEDUCER Mag. Tribute / Interview & our song "GIRL IN A MINI SKIRT READING THE BIBLE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW" in the CD.



Another Review & Interview at the German Magazine Orkus, this time for our album "BUKOWSKI:POEMS OF A DIRTY OLD MAN"

"...Opera Chaotique’s live performances could only be described as a feast of surrealism, with explosive music and deviant theatrics..."

Grazie Corriere della Sera

"...The result is a cauldron of great charm and eclecticism, in which the many elements mix in an extraordinarily captivating way..."