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The music video of our song "The Genius of the Crowd" is finally ready!

"The Genius of the Crowd" is one of our favourite Bukowski poems, a very unsettling, harsh and ironic depiction of the way society works to silence, corrupt and destroy anything and anyone that does not comply to its own narrow standards. 
And who would be a better artist to sing this song along with us, than Martyn Jacques - the founder, frontman and songwritter of the utterly unique, deeply provocative and totally uncategorizable Tiger Lillies?

The Genius of the Crowd ft. Martyn Jacques (Official Video) The Genius of the Crowd ft. Martyn Jacques (Official Video)

The song is part of our second album "BUKOWSKI: Poems of a Dirty Old Man", so if you like what you see check out the whole album on our Soundcloud Page

Monday, 18 May 2015 02:00

NEW ALBUM OUT: Poems of a dirty old man Featured

Our second album "Bukowski: Poems of a Dirty Old Man" is finally out and about!

Inspired by the work of Charles Bukowski and featuring Blues legend Louisiana Red and The Tiger Lillies eccentric frontman Martyn Jacques.

Check it out, download it for free & watch our music videos:

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On March 20th we'll be joining forces with Coppelius in Berlin's Lido for what will surely be a gig to remember.

So we're super excited to be performing next to this truly innovative, amazing band and to appear in such a great great venue... this gig will not be for the the faint hearted. Come check it out! 

For more info + ticket bookings follow this link.

Sunday, 01 March 2015 16:29

Opera Chaotique Circus @ Thessaloniki


Roll Up Ladies and Gents!
Opera Chaotique return in Thessaloniki bigger, louder and... naughtier !

Opera Chaotique Circus is our brand new show and it will be presented for the very first time in Thessaloniki for one and only night, on Friday 6th of March at Mylos Club.

Our surreal stories come to life in this explosive big top show inspired by modern circus:
Etherika will take your breath away with their daring acrobatic acts and breathe life to The Phantom of the Opera, Mary Magdalene, Bukowski's Girl in a Mini Skirt and all our other favourite infamous characters.
Soprano Nikoleta Kape will enchant you with her sublime voice; acclaimed singer Evi Siamanta will lure you into the sensational world of jazz; and guest musicians of strong and mighty Loonattack will totally rock the house.

Featuring our best songs and our best mood, exceptionally talented acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians, naughty dancing girls (handpicked by Voodoo Drummer) that don't leave much to the imagination and last but not least allarmingly eccentric actor Diogenis Daskalou as its very special guest, Opera Chaotique Circus is not for the faint hearted! 

Roll Up and Book your Seats Ladies and Gentlemen!

Opera Chaotique Circus
Friday 6 March
Mylos, Thessaloniki
Reservations: 2310 510081

Click here to view & join our Facebook event.


Friday, 27 February 2015 21:03

Honey We're Home (and back at Faust) !

After a long, terrific (and at times terrifying) tour of Italy, its about time we headed back home.

And what a nice surprise to be invited back at Faust for 4 shows in March.

So Athens here we come for four Mondays only: March 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.  

You'd better hurry up and BOOK YOUR SEATS !

Flights booked, car hired, Tenorman is freshening up his Italian and Voodoo Drummer his (poor) driving skills...
A busy February awaits with a big tour of lovely Italy!!

Check out our full tour schedule here  -  we'll play in 21 towns around Italy, so if you are anywhere near come see us.

Viva Opera Chaotique! 

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 07:45

Farewell Faust

Last show in Athens tonight (2/2) in our beloved Faust and we want to thank all the people that since the beginning of this run in October have made Mondays are favourite days of the week.

So a HUUUUGE  thanks to:

Our amazing hosts at Faust Antonis and Alekos, Stella who looked after the "business" side of things, Alexis who made sure we sounded (and looked) good night after night  and all the lovely people working the bar. 

Our beloved guest artists who shared the stage and their talent with us every night and sprinkled our show with their magic glitter: cellist Stavros Parginos, soprano Lito Messini and dancer Anthi Dcn.

All the crazy, sweet and talented special guests that honoured us with their perfomances: Eleni Sotiriou, Irene Carolina Parginos, Maria Stefanou, Matina Koloniari, Manolis Mavromatakis, De Variete (Makis Papadimitratos & Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos), Vlaklist (Federico Nieto El Gazi & Savvas Tokiriako), Dimitris Dimopoulos, Asterios Tsetsilas, Lee Char, Eos A.K, Nefelopetra (Nefeli Markarki & Petros Politis), Jazzlin' (Georgia Zachou, Niki Melemeni, Laura Cerise), Myrto Kamvisidi, JazzMatazz Pavleas, Xenia Gargali Plastelini, Fred Normal, Michalis Psyras, Christina Kagiafa, Iris Athanassiadi, Just Evdo.

And naturally all of you that turned up each and every week to totally pack the place and not leave a single seat, stool or corner empty.Our surreal cabaret Mondays wouldn't be the same without you!

Come see us tonight for a very very special last show in Athens and give us some lovin'  till we meet again.


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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 20:13


On public demand we're doing one more show at Faust next Monday 2/2.

BOOK NOW or forever hold your peace. 

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